What to post on Instagram (and examples of cannabis companies killing it!)

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Did you know that Instagram has more than 1 billion (Yes, a billion with ap) monthly active users, and over 80% of accounts on Instagram follow a business? There are thousands of companies in the cannabis industry using Instagram alone! This makes Instagram a very powerful platform filled with potential customers.

However, it can be difficult to know what to post, as well as to navigate how to stay in the good Meta as a cannabis company, so we’ve put together this roundup of the 6 best post ideas (With industry all-star examples!) to help boost your engagement, build your brand within the cannabis community, provide a personal voice and add diversity to your network.

1. Create recurring content

If you’re struggling with what you’re posting on a daily basis, create recurring content threads/topics that you can easily refer back to and help guide you. This is easy and also helps plan your monthly content. Think about topics such as monthly stats, what is an awareness month, offer a monthly product/service or a simple educational series.

or, like Wild On their Instagram account, they post how they pair up and share their gummies #thewyldway

2. User Generated Content

If you have a product, chances are your followers have tagged you or used a #hashtag in a post you can reshare on Instagram (Don’t forget to give them credit).

Takes Britten Inc For example, they featured Harry’s amazing house on their network, by sharing a video made by one of the happy visitors.

Second, encourage your customers to follow you and send you photos and videos to share Drink my way He does regularly.

3. Go backstage

The behind-the-scenes content screams transparency, as you literally lift the veil off your company. What goes on behind closed doors can make for incredible content and present your brand in a different light. Things like employee highlighting, making your product, or even filling out some orders are a great way to make this happen! wrench beaker Doing a great job of capturing what’s going on daily..

Purple Rose Supply They also show behind the scenes how they use their product every single day!

4. Embrace the “holiday spirit”

There is something seasonal happening at all times of the year, so why not take advantage of those official and unofficial holidays! Engaging with and capitalizing on what people are already thinking is a great way to connect with your customers. Just take a look at what sentiment sheets Did to celebrate the Fourth of July!

5. Stay informed

Using current events and topics is the perfect inspiration for Instagram posts, and it sets you up for a knowledgeable and relevant niche. What is everyone talking about? Has there been an evolution in the cannabis industry (Let’s be honest, when there is no development in the cannabis industry)?

Black Buddha hemp It constantly displays what is happening within the industry.

Also, when we think of current events, politics is usually the first thing that comes to mind – but you don’t need to use such a serious topic! Takes pure For example, they took advantage of the dad joke trend and gave it their own scientific spin.

6. Let your customers shine for you

Testimonials: The best form of social proof. It helps your brand build trust and highlight the value of your product. Ace booth They did this in one of the most authentic ways, by filming one of their customers using their product for the first time and getting their reaction first hand.

Or simply share a snippet of your written testimonial to your client, just like Eco for twenty Do.


The opportunities to post on Instagram are endless – even for cannabis companies who are in a somewhat precarious position on the platform! So, when you feel overwhelmed, just refer to this list and examples to help get you out of that creative slump.

If you want a more in-depth guide on Instagram marketing in the cannabis industry, check this out This post Which is key to understanding what you can and cannot do to stay on the good side of Instagram. Or maybe you are wondering when and how often you should post? this condition Covers it all for B2B cannabis brands.

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