The 6 Best Cherry-Flavored Weed Strains

What’s in cherries that are so lovely? From cherry pies to cherry slushies to the cherry blossoms that bloom in spring, cherries are a bit of botanical magic. In cannabis cultivation, cherries are a common taste and aroma note associated with beta-myrcene and limonene. Most varieties that bear the characteristic cherry coat Cherry OG, Cherry pieWhere cherry bomb genetic. They may not be directly related, but cannabis and cherries seem to be spiritual cousins.

Strains with “Cherry” genetics have given rise to some truly exceptional cultivars. Cherry OG’s distinct DNA is prized for its substantial yields and easy tolerance for both indoor and outdoor grows; Cherry Pie possesses effects that include smooth cognitive energy balanced with syrupy relaxation; and Cherry Bomb’s therapeutic potential may include relief from arthritis, depression, gastrointestinal upset, loss of appetite, and chronic pain according to some consumers.

The best Cherry varieties

These Cherry genetics are paired with many iconic strains, both common and rare, and given the prolific parentage, there is potentially a Cherry strain for everyone. If you haven’t yet walked the rabbit hole of Cherry strains – and we suggest you do so wholeheartedly – ​​here are six of our favorites to get you started.

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Cherry Diesel

This cross of Cherry and Turbodiesel is supposedly a premium wake and bake strain. Consumers appreciate it for its temperate freshness that smooths out otherwise jazzy highs and a creative cerebral high perfect for Type A smokers. Executive smokers who prefer to heal with a more energetic breed of cannabis should consider this sweet and gassy hybrid when dab at dawn, vape at dawn or wake up and cook with the rest of us.

Expect a nose of diesel, berries and cherries and a gassy, ​​grassy exhale.

Cherry Shard

Cherry Burst could be the panacea for consumers who rely on cannabis for its calming effects but prefer to avoid sedation and/or couch lock. Creative and galactic effects reports that are also comfortable cashmere in the body provide a comfortable experience in every way.

It’s especially nice for arts and crafts or low-stakes hangouts that require minimal partying. Expect a cherry wine nose and a funky, smooth exhale.

Cherry cookies

This cross of Cherry Pie and CGC offers effects in line with other descendants of the GSC franchise – it’s motivating, creative and physically soothing. What sets this iteration apart is its creamy exhale, which tastes like a sweet, woodsy mix of chewy cookies, juicy cherries, and sour skunk.

Adult users report a buzzing euphoric onset and a relaxing high. Expect a connoisseur scent of cherries, earth, cookies and funk – and a complex exhale to match.

cherry mist

Haze aficionados will almost certainly want to add some Cherry Haze buds to their storage boxes. This phenotype would produce a thick, fluffy bud reminiscent of a more sleepy strain and an effervescent relaxation that tempers the more manic qualities of a classic Haze.

Depending on the resting state of the user, Cherry Haze could fuel a gentle adventure or intense meditation. Expect a spicy, herbal, cherry scent and a flowery, sweet exhale.

Cherry Leo

Cherry Lion is said to have produced a social smoke that is talkative, clucky, and mildly energetic. Coming from a cross between Voltron and Glazed Cherries (another Cherry OG phenotype), this cultivar would be both optimistic and as soothing as a hot bath.

Consumers can anticipate a gregarious, ice-breaking buzz that could be especially helpful for introverts looking to ease their anxiety when meeting new people without getting locked into their couch.

Expect a nose of vanilla and sour earth and a woody, sweet cherry exhale.

Cherry Zkittlez

Consumers who rely on a balance of cerebral and soothing body effects might enjoy Cherry Zkittlez for its easy and long-lasting effects. This cross of Cherry Pie and Zkittlez is said to have euphoric effects on the head and elastic body effects that can soothe mild pain.

Expect a tropical cherry funk scent and an exhalation of berry funk.

Editor’s note: Weedmaps does not derive affiliate revenue from the strains recommended in this article, and all products are chosen independently. Weedmaps News’ only influence is weed.

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