Heat wave is boiling? Can marijuana help?

July 3 it was The hottest day of registration On the planet, until July 4th. Scientists warn that temperature records are likely to be a trend over the next few months. El Niño phenomenon It has been cited as part of the cause of the intense heat. It was very hot, a piece of Twisting highway in Louisiana.

High temperatures can wreak havoc on your body. Extended hot weather days can cause poor sleep, decreased appetite, hot or clammy skin, headaches, loss of motivation, irritability, and more. Keeping yourself cool and maintaining a reasonable temperature of 97° to 99° is key. Can marijuana help you and get a sleep aid on very hot summer days/nights?

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Yes, hemp actually does Lower your body temperature-Temporarily. Several studies indicate that marijuana can lower body temperature in the short term. Foods such as hot mustard, chili flakes, and wasabi can also provide quick relief. It is believed that the wonderful effect of cannabis occurs due to the method THC interacts with a receptor called TRPA-1. This receptor controls important functions, including pain relief and body temperature.

Not all weeds are equal when it comes to the bone-chilling phenomenon. According to some consumers, Switching to dyes and staples instead of staples, pre-rolls, or other methods that involve heating the product helps transition to a faster cooling response.

You can also replace drinking alcohol at home with cannabis drinks. Consuming in this way is refreshing and effective without drying out your body.

Aluminum cans can reduce the potency of cannabis drinks
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Cannabis is popular as a non-addictive sleep aid. In hot weather, some fall asleep and fall asleep. The sleep-promoting effects of cannabis are due to its interaction with cannabinoid receptors in the brain. When cannabinoids bind to these receptors, they send messages to increase levels of sleep-promoting adenosine and suppress the brain’s wakefulness system. Together, these effects may help cannabis users feel more sedated or drowsy.

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Here are some other ways To help keep cool during a heat wave.

Wear loose, lightweight clothing

If possible, avoid going outside in the heat of the day

drink a lot of water

Avoid heavy meals

The best way is to build your day around not getting too hot and watching your body so you don’t run into serious problems.

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